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Chocolate - Sunday with Linda Fäh

Reserve Sunday, April 28th for you and your Fähmily.

Enjoy an unforgettable chocolate experience with Linda Fäh on the Blüemlisberg SZ, high above Schwyz.

Cut fruit together with her and then enjoy a delicious chocolate fondue.

The new Special Spring Edition of Laflor-Blüemlisberg chocolate 62% cocoa will also be presented.

Chocolate manufacturer laflor from Zurich has created a sweet temptation using Brazilian cocoa from Fazenda Vera Cruz and goat's milk from Blüemlisberg in Central Switzerland.

You will find the Blüemlisberg in an idyllic location on the Engelstock circular hiking trail on the Geissä Wäg. Ideal for enjoying some peace and nature.

Get your ticket now!

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