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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Parents who love hiking know what it's like: they also want to get their children excited about hiking. But the little ones quickly get bored on normal hiking trails. This is where the hiking books offer a remedy, as the first book "157 Adventure Hiking Trails for the Whole Family" and the second book "161 Adventure Hiking Trails for Children for the Whole Family" list the best adventure hiking trails in Switzerland - so you are guaranteed to find the right trail for you and your family!

Both books together there are 318 adventure trails from 22 cantons plus the Principality of Liechtenstein and the southern Black Forest represented in the book. Clear listing with symbols so that it is quickly apparent what awaits the family on the way.

Each path is described on a double page, also the Geissä Wäg is included in the new book. The book is provided with the most important information (season, length, time required, ascent/descent, nearest public transport stop, parking facilities, recommended footwear, etc.) Simple symbols show whether it is a circular route or not, whether it is suitable for baby carriages or wheelchairs, whether there is a playground along the way to provide variety and whether there are picnic, barbecue or shelter facilities.

"157 adventure hiking trails for the whole family" retail price 45.- CHF

"161 Adventure hiking trails for children for the whole family" Selling price 45.- CHF

Available via or in various bookstores.

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